(1975-BA, Arg)

Multi instrumentalist musician and music therapist, he began the connection with the music at an early age of 5 years old with his parents that they were both classical piano music teachers.

Since 1996 he had the motivation to investigate different cultures travelling around the world and learning from the people and through the wisdom of the world music. He was visiting in several journeys different countrys like Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Brasil, Israel, Tibet, Indonesia and India where he was learning sitar in Varanasi with Ram teacher and then continues with Sergio Bulakov in Argentina . He was also travelling in Australia to be in contact with the natives and learning from the magic ancestral sound of the didgeridoo and also studying about the dolphin therapy in Perth. In Bolivia and Peru he was learning from the andes cosmovision with musicians and healers like Alonso del rio, Tito la Rosa, Anton Ponce Leon, Maryan Dowes.

In 2002 he starts studying percussion with senegales masters Abdoulaiye Badiane at Dara Chosan School and also with Sheik Gueye teacher. At present he is studying and learning Arabic drums with Luciano Bertoluzzi as teacher.

He deepened into Mantras and the power of the voice learning with Krisna Das, Silvia Nakkach and Daniel Namkhay and harmonics chants with Andres Saggio. He continues studying about the natural voice with Lucia Maranca Master.

In 2002 begins to facilitate and coordinate Kuniya Projectfor more than ten years sharing with the people about the power of the vibrations of the sound and dance playing different instruments like harmonius, tambura, gong, didgeridoo, tibetan and crystal bowls, charango, percussion, voice and native flutes.

In 2003 he studies Music-therapy at San Salvador University Argentina . In 2006 he begins studying and training the Universal Dance of peace with James Drucker, Nora Chimirri and Wakil Wômer.

At the present time he is giving regular sound meditation workshops based in a sufi vision in different places like yoga and holistic meditation centers in Argentina and playing concerts as guest in different bands like Sufi mantras, La Espiral, Sh Burhanuddin & Dervish Orchestra, and in the last visit of Sh Hassan Dyck in Argentina 2016.

He participate and recorded with Andrea Hufnagl in Hangalas (2009) and Anthems of Love with Sh Burhanuddin & Orchestra (2016) in production.

He met in 2007 the sufi path and then he took sinitiation in the Naqshbandi Order with the master Mawlana Shayk Nazim al Haqqani ar Rabbani and he is trying to follow his steeps and teachings.