About Us

2014 in Mendoza - Argentina, they came together through a Sufi Retreat held by Sheikh Burhanuddin.

In this meeting the only musical instrument he was bringing with him has been a shruti box. Knowing that there were some high developed musicians attending the retreat, he asked them to bring their instruments and play with him along.
This has been such an overwhelming experience by all those who have been present, that it was clear without doubt that this caravan has a longer journey to travel. Dervish Orchestra has been born! A row of more or less spontaneous concerts with ecstatic feedbacks were played until they decided to continue in a more devoted and a professional way and to record a CD.

The music of Dervish Orchestra tries to infuse Divine Love and passion into the hearts of it´s listeners.

Dervish Orchestra likes to challenge it´s audience by being an active part in their performances rather than sitting simply only quite and listening.
Although there are songs more meditative and tender it is a blend of all human feelings in which the audiencee dances and s(w)ing together.
The dervishes of Dervish Orchestra are not just playing their music passionately to their audience but live and play their music each day as a part of their spiritual commitment to the Sufi path of Love.
All songs are composed and arranged with the intention towards the One and only and in honor of their spiritual Masters.

Some say they generate healing waves during their concerts. some just feel in bliss… Some say what was touching them most was the union, the love felt among them…
So let´s compare pleasures!