"Love has a sister and her name is music"

- S. Burhanuddin


The music of Dervish Orchestra tries to infuse Divine Love and passion into the hearts of it’s listeners.

Dervish Orchestra likes to challenge it’s audience to be an active part in their performances rather than simply listening while sitting quietly.

They are not just playing their music passionately to their audience, they live and play their music each day as a part of their spiritual commitment to the Sufi path of Love. All songs are composed and arranged with the intention towards the One and only and in honor of their spiritual Masters.


You have to do it.
At least once in your life,
pay a visit to your heart.

If you do it many times, 
you rise up in level. 
If you can do it every day, 
you will live a life of the heart.

If you want to pay a visit to yourself, 
to your real self,

let the Divine flood your mind
and your heart all the time.