Performing sufi whirling since 2006, along with mentors from Argentina, Brazil, U.S.A., Egypt and Iran. In 2009, she entered the scene as a disciple in the Distinguished Sufi Order of the “Tariqa Naqshbandiya”.

As a member of the “Centro de Giro Derviche de Argentina”, she performed in music and sufi whirling concerts since 2010. She was chosen as the replacement of the Center’s sufi whirling professor and was left in charge of the mentioned class from 2012 to 2015.

In the year 2015 she began her independent job of teaching these classes in a weekly fashion, while holding various workshops in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Portugal and Spain; various concerts of traditional sufi whirling and it’s fusion with other escenic dances, along with international artists and artists from the “Tariqa Naqshbandiya” of Europe and Argentina.

In 1981 she began her instruction in clasical dance, contemporary dance, theatre dance, choreographic composition, tango and acting.

She studies (since 1989) oriental dance and arabic female folk dances, with native Middle Eastern teachers (Brigitte Bacha, Lebanon; Shokry Mohamed; Farida Fahmi; Mohamed El Sayed; Mohamed Kazafy; Mahmud Reda; Hossam Ramzy, Egypt; Narjess Montasser, Tunisia; Simona Jovic, Ukraine; Rana Gorgani, Iran) and recognized international teachers (Nur Banu , Itali; Nesma Alandaluz, Spain; Tamalym Dallal, Miriam Peretz, U.S.A.; Wendy Buonaventura, U.K.; Helene Eriksen, U.S.A.).

She is carrying a research on movement, through the diverse corporal dsciplines that she utilizes on her teaching, educating dancers and teachers on her own dance school “Neo Baladi”, and participating as a teacher in workshops through various locations in her native country and in the international scene. Moreover, she continued her research on the history and technique of the oriental female dances, wich she published on diferent graphic and digital international media, since 2001.

Through her life she has aquired profesional experience as a coreographer and dancer, on her own and other people’s shows, these being either from her native country or international shows.

Being a producer in various workshops and shows with international artists, she has been selected as a jury in the main dance contests from her native country, for many years.

Her creations in the field of dancing, range from the most indigenous of the folk dancing in the Middle East, to fusions of Middle East dances with tango, Andean rhythms, theatre dance and video dance.