(1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Percussionist and teacher specialized in rhythms and instruments of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

He has studied in Cairo (Egypt) with great masters of Arabic percussion with teachers in Egypt: Mahmoud Hammouda and Atef Metkal El Kenawy, so it began a profound contact with Middle Eastern percussion learning the art of drums: Darbouka, Riqq, Mazhar, Tabl, Duff and Saggats.

He deepened into Morocco Arabic and Berber music, studying in Morocco with teachers: Khalid Zerghini Jassid (master of Gnawa Music-Marrakesh); Kamal Al Nawawy (master of clasical-cultured and Sufi music-Tetouan); Mustafa Rahmouni (northern folk music Rifand traditional music- Chaouen); studying typical drums: Bendir, Tam-Tam, Karkabou, Tar, Tarija. Then he was interested in the rhythms and instruments of Central Asia Caucasus studying rhythms: Dohol with the teacher Murad Astvasatryan; Turkish new technique with Ulash Aksunger. He also explored the rhythms and Persian instruments such as: Tombak, Persian Daf and Azeri Ghaval. In repeated visits to Peru, he was formed in Afro-Peruvian rhythms and Peruvian Cajon with the teacher Jose “Lalo” Izquierdo (former founder of Black Peru).

Thoughout his career as musician he participated in countless formations in Argentina and other countries, sharing projects with artists like: Mario Maglione (Neapolitan Singer, Italy), Lucilla Galeazzi (Umbria, Italian Singer) Gagik Gasparyan (Armenian Music andrecording Cd), Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann (Sufi music and recording Cd, Germany), Manish Vyas (Indian music, India), Coto Medrano, Hugo Bravo and Katharine George (Extremo occidente: Andalusian & Peruavian project music in recording in Peru), Sheikh Hassan Dyck (Musician of the Naqshbandiy Sufi order), Shokri Mohammed (Egyptian dancer and musician), Mohammed El Sayyed (Egyptian dancer and musician), Mevlevi Group: Ushaq (Jalil Barcenas- Centro de Estudios Sufís-Barcelona, Spain), Samy Ozer (singer and Turkish Sufi musician), Silvia Nakkash (creator of Yoga Voice), Sufi Music Ensemble (Argentina-Buenos Aires), First festival of percussion: “Toque” (percussion ensemble of oriental orchestra).

Today he is dedicated to teaching and to the coordination of Arab percussion workshops and master class in various cities. Working with diverse groups of Middle Eastern music in Argentina: The Arab Orchestra Horus; Douglas Felis & la Orquesta Oriental; Viajeros (Latin Arab Music); Sufi Music Ensamble and Dervish Sh Burhanuddin and Little Orchestra.


– Sufi Music Ensemble- Himma (2004)
– Ritmos de Medio Oriente (2005)
– Darbouka Trance (2005)
– Tariq Arruh-un paseo musical por medio oriente” (2008)

– Aire y Tiempo- Memoria Sonora de la Humanidad (2008)
– Marrakesh (2009)
– Ritmos Arabes (2011)

– Ruta Gitana (Gypsy Road) Meshk (2013)
– Arab Rhythmology- Mizan Project  (2014)
– Turkish Rhythmology- Mizan Project (2015 )
– La Caña (Video) Ziryab Ensemble, from flamenco and Middle East (2015)

– Anthems of Love: Sh Burhanuddin & Dervish Orchestra (2016) in production.