(1979 – BA, Arg.) 

Multi instrumentalist, musician and teacher. At an early age he studied with guitarist, composer and arranger Nestor Crespo. In 2002 he started studying oud (Arabic lute) and began a profound contact with Middle Eastern music. He deepened into Arabic classical music with teachers Daniel Binker and Muhammad Hassan.

In 2004 he completed his studies as jazz guitarist at EMPA (Popular Music School of Avellaneda). Since 2009 his curiosity led him to explore other sounds and instruments like cümbüs (hybrid Turkish oud and banjo), yaylil tambur (Ottoman bowed instrument), hang (handpan), n’goni (african harp), cavaquinho (Brazilian string instrument) and exploration of the voice (overtone singing, vocal improvisation). Currently he is studying sign language direction in Santiago Vazquez’s vocal ensemble.

Thoughout his carrer as musician he participated in countless formations in Argentina and other Latin American countries, sharing projects with artists like Ahmad Fofana (mandingue music, Mali), Manish Vyas (Indian music, India), Kirstie Simson (dance improvisation, UK), Gagik Gasparyan (Armenian music, Armenia), Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann (sufi music, Germany), Oscar Tissera, Francisco Sicilia and Francisco Salgado (jazz/improvisation, Argentina), Douglas Felis (Middle Eastern music , Argentina), Santiago Michäel (traditional music of West and Central Africa, Argentina), Luna Monti (Latin American music, Argentina), Nicolas del Cid, Manuel Sosa, Álvaro González, Mónica Poblete, Diego Jara (flamenco, Argentina), Facundo Bainat (manouche, Argentina), Andrés Saggio (contemplative music and overtone singing, Argentina), Martín Piliponsky (improvisation and contemporary dance, Argentina), Gustavo Lecce (contact improvisation dance, Argentina), Santiago Caruso and Leandro Frizzera (drawing and painting, Argentina).

Since 2004 he is devoted to teaching. In 2012 he began to facilitate and coordinate improvisation and creative flow workshops and researched groups through singing and movement. Since 2014 he works with Daniel Oil (teacher and therapist in coaching and NLP) giving regular workshops within the country and abroad, combining music with NLP.



– Himma – Sufi Music Ensemble (2004)
– Ruta Gitana (Gypsy Road) – Meshk (2013)
– Live – Improvisation Quartet flamenco/jazz/orient Sicilia/Poblete/Sosa/Ortolá (2014)
– San Rafael Live (Video) – Quintet La Música Libera (2014)
– Música Universal – Circular (2015)
– La Caña (Video) – Ziryab Ensemble, from flamenco and Middle East (2015)
– Anthems of Love – Sh Burhanuddin & Dervish Orchestra (2016) in production
– Voices – Circular (2016) in production