(1983 - Miramar, Arg.)

Multi instrumentalist musician and teacher. He make is first's steps in the music playing guitar in diferents bands of his natal town during the high school. In 2001 he start studing classical guitar in the Academia of Irma Costanzo in Buenos Aires, taking personal lessons with her till 2004. In 2002 after finishing the high school he moves to Buenos Aires, and during this year and 2003 he was studing with Walter Malosetti in his jazz guitar school in Buenos Aires, taking lessons also with Raul Malosetti in the same school.

Also in this two years he was taking some informal lessons of Sitar and Music from India with Julieta Barra. During 2003 till 2005 he was apointed in the career of Compsicion y Direccion Orquestal in the Facultad de Musica of the UCA University of Buenos Aires.

During 2005 till 2007 he took personal piano lessons with the Maestro Aldo Antognazzi and in 2006 some informal lessons of jazz on piano with Guillermo Romero. And also in 2006 he studied Harmony, Conterpoint and Musical Analysis with Federico Wiman. In 2007 he moved again to his natal town where he started teaching music on guitar and piano. In this time, from 2007 till 2014 he played Keyboard and Accordion in Grupo Ganjah, exploring diferent rythms like reggae, cumbia, ska, rock, latin, recording three albums and playing many concerts arround diferents citys. At the same time he played and cooperated in many difrents styled groups from Punk, Reggea, Italian Lover Songs till Folklore Argentino (Los Inmoviles, Escencia de Vainilla, Los Arianos, Bribones, Martin Colas y El Ejercito del Amor, Los Hermanos Barrientos, La Gomez Re, Los Peludos).

In 2009 he took informal guitar lessons with Jorge Armani, and in 2010 jazz piano lessons with Eduardo Palomo, all this in the neighbour city of Mar del Plata. In 2011 he started to aproach in the clasical string instruments, and took violin lessons with Ana Geniso and started in 2013 till today to play Viola (Bratsche) in the Orquesta Sinfonica de Estudiantes of Mar del Plata. 

In 2015 he was taking informal lessons of Accordion in the Chamame style with the Maestro Tilo Escobar in Buenos Aires.
Since 2016 he is continuing his classical piano studies in the Conservatorio de Musica Luis Gianneo in Mar del Plata.

Since 2007 till today he is Living in Miramar, Argentina where he is teaching music mostly in piano and guitar and also playing in different projects and recording music for movies, video publisment for TV and Radio singles.


- PIEZA VERDE - Grupo Ganjah (2007)

- GRUPO GANJAH- Grupo Ganjah (2010)

- SUPERFLUO- Grupo Ganjah (2014)

- AL QUERIDO JUAN- MartinColas y El Ejercito del Amor (2015)

- VOY- MartinColas y el Ejercito del Amor (2013)

- OTRA TARDE AL SOL-Escencia de Vainilla (2014)

- 1533 KM A CASA, HEROES DE MALVINAS - music of the Movie Documental (2012)